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TR-TUN—2424 is a tunable 2×2 troffer. Future of lighting will be tunable colors and adjustable wattages. For Luna Sciences, future is here. We launched TR-TUN-2424 and TR-TUN-2448 in 2020 to meet the demands for 2-3 wattage selections and 3 color selections. This process expedited our production goals, eliminated excess inventory and the need to guess which color spectrum to produce that would meet the recommendations by the leading lighting designers.

Made of steel casing, TR-TUN series have an internal driver with accessible color and wattage selection tabs. There are two wattages and 3 colors offered on the 2×2. The PMMA center basket is optical grade and lasts 75,000 hours without yellowing or clouding. Inside coating is multi layer that will last years beyond the warranty period. This is the best of the TUN [tunable] diffused lighting on the market today. The best part of the TR-TUN series is that it’s priced economical for such an amazing technology.

Available in 2×2 and 2×4 troffers

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TR-TUN-2424 [2×2, 35W/40W/45W, 30K/40K/50K]