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ELGP-2448 – This troffer is the latest in contemporary architectural design. It’s truly a statement of being up to date. There is a glass center piece that illuminates up and down, thereby creating a unique lighting experience that is not possible with the traditional center basket troffers. The center glass is an optical glass that is designed to redirect light from the edge downward and upward. Once you see ELGP in action, others will not compare. It is a full departure from the old traditional curved shape and is designed for the modern look of the today’s office environment.

Made of steel casing, ELGP series has an internal driver that is also accessible from back of the unit thereby making it easy for service or driver replacement. Inside coating is multi layer that will last for many years to come. This is the best of the LGP [Light Guide Panel] diffused lighting on the market. The best part of is that it’s priced moderately for such an amazing technology.

Note: Matching pendants are also available

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BLPM-2448 (Variations)

BLPM-2448W50K4000 [2×4, 50W, 4000K], BLPM-2448W50K5000 [2×2, 50W, 5000K]