Our Technology

We established Luna Sciences in 2006 when commercially viable Blue LED was starting to surface [2004-2006]. We knew the LED technology was at its infancy but had great development opportunity by companies such as Nichia, Samsung, Osram, and many others. Our goal was to research the market for light fixtures manufactures who used world class LED chips and used them efficiently and cost effectively. Early on, that proved to be challenging as LED fixtures were expensive and not cost effective for most companies to replace their existing florescent and incandescent bulbs. In fact a 200 watt high bay cost nearly $2,000 dollars in 2007. today, the same fixture cost less tan $200 with substantially more efficiency. The most lumen output available in 2007 was 50-60 lumens per watt. Today’s LEDs are capable of producing 165-185 lumens per watt with a high efficiency rating unimaginable in the early days of LED development.

In 2009, we introduced the first series of 2×2 and 2×4 flat panel LED troffers for T-bar application. These were super thin fixtures, illuminated from the edge of the fixture and redirected through a light guide panel capable of generating equal light output to that of a florescent troffer and was created to last 6 times longer. Our current flat panel series are substantially brighter, and far less expensive.

Our mission has been and will continue to be supplying the most advanced LED light fixtures to the commercial market place. Today, we offer the thinest and the most efficient flat panel series using backlit technology. We offer color tunable light fixtures. We offer the highest lumen output in hi-bay application. We provide the highest PPFD in horticulture lighting. We offer NEW LED TECHNOLOGY Our Technology anti-viral and anti-bacterial sterilization technology embedded in our 2×2 and 2×4 troffers for application in small to large schools, offices and large institutions.

LED’s infinite color combination for commercial and bio application

We support the designers community , architectural professionals , health care facilities, educational institutions, hospitality industry, industrial and the general lighting industries. Our products are high quality and will last the test of time. Even though every component used in our light fixtures has been sourced from suppliers with the highest standard of quality, Luna Sciences’ products are priced below the national brands therefore offering significant value to those who use our products.