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Advanced light fixture with Cree chip and bidirectional LED pendant. Clean illumination and high CRI [90+], DLDE-848 and DLDE-896 series deliver high quality and high tech architectural look to any space. At 4,200lm-8,400lm and 50,000 hour life time, this is a very efficient up/down light for all areas of the office up to 16’ ceiling height. The LED driver provides for a true 0-10 dimming compatible with most popular dimming switches on the market. up to 18 units can be trunked together [requires 230V-277VAC]

DLDE series of fixtures are ideal choice for corporate conference rooms, schools, hospitals and all other commercial applications where indirect lighting is just as important as direct lighting. Standard offering is in white finish, 10w per foot, and 4000K, but other finishes and CCT are available. Please contact us for more customization.

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Product Description

BL-DE (Variations)

BLDE-48W40K4000 [4’L, 40W, 4K], BLDE-48W40K5000 [4’L, 40W, 5K], BLDE-72W60K4000 [6’L, 60W, 4K], BLDE-72W60K5000 [6’L, 60W, 5K], BLDE-96W80K4000 [8’L, 80W, 4K], BLDE-96W80K5000 [8’L, 80W, 5K]