LSRV Ring Series

LSRV Ring Series


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LSRV Ring Series – Luna Sciences is the leading supplier of ring lights. We offer more than 12 different styles with 100s of custom options. LSRV was first introduced in early 2012 as Luna’s acrylic ring light. It was a unique blend of custom shaped acrylic and aluminum holding ring along with a center ring to create a more architectural look. They are bright enough to hang as a light fixture or as a decorative fixture fully equipped with dimming capability for room scenes. The rings come standard with a canopy, but can be ordered without the canopy as well. Picture shown here is for a 30” diameter ring with the canopy and the middle ring. Height can be adjusted during installation to fit the ceiling height. We offer this fixture in 24”, 30, 40” and 48” as 48” is the largest size can be made with a single acrylic ring. Standard offering is in Aluminum Silver Finish. Custom finishes are available upon minimum quantity order.

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LSRV (Variations)

LSRV-24W30K40 [24”D, 30W, 4000K], LSRV-30W54K40 [30”D, 54W, 4000K], LSRV-40W75K40 [40”D, 75W, 4000K], LSRV-48W95K40 [48”D, 95W, 4000K]