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DL-G4 series of gimbal with advanced Cree COB LED technology. Delivering clean illumination and high CRI, DLG-4 series deliver efficient lighting without flicker and shadowing. Forty degree beam angle will cover a 10 foot visible view from 8’ illumination point. At 900lm, 50,000 hr life time, this is a very efficient down light for all areas of the office and active area. High ceiling [up to 16’] can use our 30W rated fixture of the same. The LED driver provides for a true 0-10 dimming [TRIAC – 30W only] compatible with most popular dimming switches on the market. DLG-4W10 is an ideal choice for spot lighting hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms, and other low-mid rise ceiling

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DL-G4 (Variations)

DLG4W10K3500 [4”, 10W, 3500K], DLG4W10K4000 [4”, 10W, 4000K]