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WINP-48 [48” wing span LED seagull]

When you are tired of looking at 100s of light fixtures just to find a perfect one for your project, then consider a true statement in space. An LED seagull with the wing span of 48”, perfected shaped to stand out as a single bird in the sky or multiples of birds clustered and hung together. The best effect comes when the Seagull fixtures are clustered together as various lights, and tilted together to make them fly naturally. Many large projects with high open ceiling have used these LED seagulls to create a unique effect. Most architects have specified them in 48W power, Silver finish, and with 4000k color. As a result, we stock them accordingly. However, we can produce them in RGB or RGBW colors for a full spectrum of colors. No matter how you use them, you will find them attractive and demand attention

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WINP-48 (Variations)

WINP-48W48K4000 [Seagull 48” Wide]