BL-19 Series

BL-19 Series


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BL-19 Series, Surface Mount / Pendant / internal Driver / Trunk-able / Internal Emergency Power

One of the versatile linear pendants on the market today. BL-19 offers a complete package in terms of lumen output [10Watts per foot], surface mount or cable pendant, three finishes, internal driver, 0-10v dimming, trunk-able up to 64 linear feet [277VAC], internal emergency power and more…. Using high quality LED arrays, BL-19 offers 1200 lumens per foot. It’s flicker free. Although glare guards can be ordered as an option, the glare factor is low without the guard. We use triple coating process for a clean finish.

BL-19 has been used in over 100 projects without a single glitch. BL-19 is offered in 48”, 72”, 96” with or without emergency power. Silver is our standard inventory.

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BL-19 Series (Variations)

BL19-48W40K4000 [48”L, 40W, K4000], BL19-72W60K4000 [72”L, 60W, K4000], BL19-96W80K4000. [96”L, 80W, K4000,], BL19E-48W40K4000. [48”L, 40W, K4000, EM], BL19E-72W60K4000. [72”L, 60W, K4000, EM], BL19E-96W80K4000 [96”L, 80W, K4000, EM]