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BL-P2 is an advanced optical lens design for a superior Linear LED Profile. Clean illumination from array of high efficiency LED chips, Luna Sciences offers a new LED linear line of fixtures for heigh ceilings. They can be installed as a pendant or surface mount. It’s designed for mid to high ceiling area with variable beam angles to address the right illumination at any distance. With zero light pollution, it’s offered in a variety of power and kelvin temperatures. Standard color is silver, but White, Black and other custom colors are available. Standard kelvin tempreture is 4000K but other CCT can be ordered [minimum quantity applies].

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BL-P2 (Variations)

BLP2-48W40K4000 [4’L, 40W, 4K], BLP2-48W40K5000 [4’L, 40W, 5K], BLP2-72W60K4000 [6’L, 60W, 4K], BLP2-72W60K5000 [6’L, 60W, 5K], BLP2-96W80K4000 [8’L, 80W, 4K], BLP2-96W80K5000 [8’L, 80W, 5K]