ELR-S48 Series

ELR-S48 Series


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ELR-S48 Series – Luna’s multi facetted custom ring light is a unique blend of custom shaped diffusers, and perfect balance of height and width to create a true statement of contemporary light art in an age of ordinary.

Model number listed above is for a 48” Ring Diameter. But every aspect of this ring fixture can be customized to allow for more diffusers, narrower diffuser, colored diffusers and more. Please contact your Luna Sciences’ Representative to discuss your project and how ELR custom light can enhance your project.

Please allow 10-12weeks for delivery

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Product Description

ELR-S48 (Variations)

ELR-S48W68BK40 [48”D, 68W, BLK, 4K], ELR-S48W68BK50 [48”D, 68W, BLK, 5K], ELR-S48W68SK40 [48”D, 68W, SLVR, 4K], ELR-S48W68SK50 [48”D, 68W, SLVR, 5K], ELR-S60W135BK40 [72”D, 135W, BLK, 4K], ELR-S60W135BK50 [72”D, 135W, BLK, 5K], ELR-S60W135SK40 [72”D, 135W, SLVR, 4K], ELR-S60W135SK50 [72"D, 135W, SLVR, 5K], ELR-S60W95BK40 [60”D, 95W, BLK, 4K], ELR-S60W95BK50 [60”D, 95W, BLK, 5K], ELR-S60W95SK40 [60”D, 95W, SLVR, 4K], ELR-S60W95SK50 [60”D, 95W, SLVR, 5K]