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HB-1846 Series – 325W Super Hi-bay Light – Luna Sciences’s newest LED Hi-bay light is 18” Wx48”L exceeds the standard performance offered by the current brand names on the market. Since 2006, building owners have invested in Luna Sciences LED lighting solutions that has provided them higher efficiency, cooler environment, ease of installation, energy efficiency, product endurance, reliability and peace of mind backed by AAA warranty.

The advancement in LED chip has enabled our manufacturing process to exceed 150 lumens per watt, thereby reducing the need to use higher wattage fixture to get better performance. The HB-1846 series is offered in variety of powers starting at 105W through 300W. We offer optional microwave sensors and onboard emergency power. The HB-1846 is designed for highest illumination from 90 feet down in areas such as air-craft hangers, refineries, and other grand scale warehouse operations.

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DL-G4 (Variations)

DLG4W10K3500 [4”, 10W, 3500K], DLG4W10K4000 [4”, 10W, 4000K]