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BL-TUN Tunable Flat Panel Series –

Luna Sciences’ LED Flat Panel tunable series is another breakthrough in advanced lighting technology. Made of the finest material, it’s one of the thinnest flat panel available on the market today. At .375” thickness, it’s designed for easy installation into all standard T-Bar ceilings using Luna’s easy connect.

This backlit panel will allow you to select the wattage from up to 3 wattages, and CCT [color] in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. It is rated so high in our quality list that we have included this series in our extended warranty program. The BL-TUN comes with 6 years of warranty as they last way beyond 60,000 hours without dark spots, flicker or fading.

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BLTUN2424 (Variations)

BLTUN2424WT203540K345 [24”x24” / 25W,30W,40W / 3K,4k, 5k ], BLTUN2448WT304050K345. [24”x48” / 40w,50W / 3k, 4k, 5k ]