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BL-BD is an ideal LED Fixture to illuminate warehouse shelves, book isles, narrow walk ways, and retail lanes.

Luna’s bi-directional linear fixtures are angled toward the areas where lighting is needed. Often shopping isles are over illuminated and has unwanted shadows due to the proximity of the fixture to the isles. Using Luna’s BL-BD series, angled optics are used to reduce wattage and provide for perfect illumination without shadows.

Bidirectional series are offered in 4’, 6’ and 8’ with trunking capabilities for long installation with a single power connection.

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BL-BD (Variations)

BLBD-48W40K4000 [4’L, 4k, 40W], BLBD-48W40K5000 [4’L, 5k, 40W], BLBD-72W60K4000 [6’L, 4k, 60W], BLBD-72W60K5000 [6’L, 5k, 60W], BLBD-96W80K4000 [8’L, 4k, 80W], BLBD-96W80K5000 [8’L, 5k, 80W]