BL-17 Series

BL-17 Series


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BL-17 Pendant / Surface Mount Profile – double rows of super bright LED arrays will provide for a bright light shining from 10-11 feet high. It can be used as a surface mount into the ceiling or as pendants hanging from a 12 foot high ceiling. This aluminum profile comes fully assembled with two rows of LED arrays, PMMA diffuser, end caps, hanging cables, and surface mount brackets. External drivers are included. Luna will select the appropriate driver based on the quantity purchased and the method of installation. Please consult with us before placing your order. Luna sciences offers constant current drivers, dimmable [0-10v] for indoor installation.

Standard color temperature is 4000K. Other colors are offered.

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BL-17 Series (Variations)

BL17-48W32K4000 [48”L, 32W, K4000], BL17-72W48K4000 [72”L, 48W, K4000], BL17-96W64K4000 [96”L, 64W, K4000]