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BLIO Wall Light Series – Wall lights are generally forward illumination. If you require a lot of lumens, then the wall light may become distracting and often too glarey if they are facing the audience . consequently an indirect illumination would be ideal for this type of application. Luna’s new indirect light fixture offers side lighting for indoor or outdoor application. They are offered in 24”, 48”, 60” long. No glare and no hot spots.

Depending on the area to be lit, any of the sizes listed above will be sufficient. for higher ceilings or outdoor columns, it might be best to use a 48” or 60” long. These light fixtures are skinny and measure 2”w*2”D. When lit, a graceful indirect illumination will cast a beautiful light surrounding the fixture. This is specially attractive when you installed outdoor on a tall column.

Our standard finish is black, but other finishes can be made based on minimum quantity. This item qualifies for Luna’s platinum warranty which is 6 years from the time of purchase.

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BLIO (Variations)

BLIO-24W19K3000 24”L, 19W, 3K, BLIO-48W38K3000 48”L, 38W, 3K, BLIO-60W45K3000 60”L, 45W, 3K