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Over the past 4 years, we have been developing exceptional LED technology for many varied applications at our Irvine, California and Gyonggi-Do, Korea facilities. Utilizing the best available Light Emitting Diodes on the market, we have designed and developed advanced LED light modules to incorporate into our retail and photo art displays as well as our lighting product lines. We now offer a series of lighting and display solutions that are well suited for a variety of applications. Below, you will find a brief description of each technology which should help allow you to assess their suitability for your specific application.

Two of the most widely used applications of LED light modules are (1) Office Lighting Troffers, and (2) Retail and Photo Art Displays. Luna Sciences manufactures both of these product groups. Depending on your application, we offer one of the three LED light modules Technologies:

1- Edgelit LED Light Module

This method of lighting employs a series of low power LEDs that are closely spaced and connected via a narrow printed circuit strip. The strip is then attached to the edge of an acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet is an engineered material with a proprietary optical design that allows the light to be redirected outwards, perpendicular to surface of the light module. In order to maximize the light output, additional reflectors are imbedded to create a superior light source.

Advantages: Thin profile, low to medium light output, moderate pricing, ease of thermal management
Disadvantages: Hard to differentiate quality, size limitations, light engine redesign required for each size

2- Backlit LED Light Module

This method of lighting employs a cluster of low power LEDs in order to create a uniform light surface. Typically, a minimum depth of 2"-3" is required between the light board and the diffuser to prevent hot spots visibility. In fact, higher lumen outputs from an LED lead to more visible hot spots. In order to eliminate these, the gap between the light source and the diffuser needs to be increased. This highlights the challenge of diffusing the effects of a high brightness LED.

Advantages: Medium profile, low to medium light output, moderate pricing
Disadvantages: Hard to differentiate quality, size limitations due to fixed module size, expensive assembly, 3" or greater depth, higher wattage

3- Advanced Backlit LED Light Module [Luna Sciences Technology]

This backlighting technique incorporates high brightness LEDs with a high core intensity, high CRI, and manageable thermal design. In fact, its high lumen output is ideal for many large format display applications and high definition lighting. It's best use is backlighting large format high definition images with intricate colors and saturation. This light module uses Luna Science's proprietary diffusion technology, which is now in its second generation. Our new diffusion technology has taken image illumination and smart lighting to a whole new level. This technology is the best in its class.

Advantages: Thin profile, variable light output, competitive pricing, framable, light weight, few LEDs, low power, dimmable, and more....
Disadvantages: None

Please call us at: (888) 505-LUNA to arrange for a show room visit and see each technology in action.