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The legacy florescent fixtures are slowly phasing out to smart fixtures equipped with LED. As the LED gets more advanced, fixtures get brighter and more intelligent. Today we are able to illuminate above 4000 lumens out of an LED Troffers. Additionally, we are able to use smart sensors to receive variety of signals dealing with room's occupancy, lighting and temperature conditions.

Luna Sciences has developed some of the most advanced LED troffers in the industry. Our troffers are offered in Edgelit and Directlit. They both exceed the amount of lumens that the traditional florescent fixtures put out in an environment. Our LED troffers are lightweight, super bright, super energy efficient [up to 50% energy savings], and last up to 60,000 hours.

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We also offer specialty fixtures measuring 3x24 and 3x48 in a 1.5 profile. They are super bright and can be used for linear wall washes, area lighting, spot lighting, and variety of other applications. We offer the same configuration in an 8x24 and 8x48 for low bay and retail lighting.

In many instances, you can replace your open florescent ceiling fixtures with these low profile, high brightness LED Fixtures and enjoy 50-60% energy savings. They are also economically priced.

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