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Luna Sciences is at the leading edge of display technology. Every display made by LUNA SCIENCES is truly a work of art and contains the highest quality components. The printing technology that goes into every display is considered museum grade. We refer to this as Fine Art Photo Printing. This style of printing far exceeds traditional signage printing that is often seen in the retail environment. Using our proprietary backlit technology, images printed by Luna Sciences radiate presence, details and true colors better than other displays on the market. The distinction is immediately visible as our HD Printing Technology brings out the subtleties associated with images of cosmetics, jewelry, watches, autos, electronics, wedding scenes, and any other images. Our HD Printing projects a depth of field that is generally absent in signage or edgelit displays. Images can be printed as large as 50x110. However, we can achieve a much larger display by attaching our seamless LED Light Modules for a 8'x9' or larger.

We construct our own LED backlit panel, extrude our own frames, and print your image file in a HD Format to create a stunning display. All we need is your high resolution file, and we will turn them into digital prints that radiates stunning colors and details. The process is done on a LightJet Printer, often considered the world's finest printing equipment. It uses continuos tone to generate full spectrum of colors. The print is outputted onto a special film that allows light to penetrate through. We then mount the image on the highest quality Acrylic, while using our proprietary edge treatment. Since we are the developer of the high contrast LED Diffusers, we coordinate all the elements involved in lighting up an image to achieve the best an image can be.

Please call us for a test sample to review our photo fine art - retail displays and our printing technology [888 - 505-LUNA ].