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In the past, light boxes were heavy and bulky. They often projected inconsistent colors due to the florescent bulb color degradation and/or incorrect bulb replacement.

Today, advanced LED technology allows us to create consistent illumination while delivering substantial energy savings. Since LEDs last substantially longer than florescent tubes, any cost associated with bulb replacement will be eliminated. Because of these advantages, LED’s are fast becoming the lighting technology of choice for backlighting images where florescent was the only option in the past.

However, not all LED light boxes are designed and built the same. Most are imported and are only available in black or grey. They are mostly Aluminum snap type frames which breakdown after a short time of usage. Most imported LED Boxes are edge illuminated, thereby the name “edge-lit]. These edge-lit boxes generally have a one inch non-illuminated strip around the edge of the image to prevent the LEDS near the edge from showing up as hot-spots. In contrast, the Luna Sciences’ LED light boxes have a rigid frame, are available in many different colors and allow for a choice of either edge-lit or back-lit technology. Our backlit light boxes, show panoramic view of the image with only a 5/16th frame edge over the image.

Besides our traditional hard anodized frames, we offer custom framing for large pieces.



Natural Maples and other woods in gold, silver and black.
Available sizes : 8"x8" thru 48"x96"
Please cal for custom sizes.
Custom Framing : Luna Sciences can provide you custom size and custom shaper frames in variety of finishes. Please call us for further detail: (888-505-LUNA].