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1- Edgelit
2- Backlit
3- flexlit

EDGELIT : It is the most common type of lighting up an images. It is also the most commercial looking one. When dealing with edgelit, Luna Sciences offers single or double sided LED Panels. The images are interchangeable to allow for ease of graphic replacement. They are idea for window display where you would want the viewing traffic as well as the in-store shoppers to view the display equally.

BACKLIT : When dealing with backlit, you want to make sure that the area that you will be using the backlit requires displaying details such as the jewelry department, make up department, watch section, and others alike.

FLEXLIT : If you need LED displays to wrap around columns, or wide radiuses, Luna Sciences offers flexlit. This is a break throught design for luna sciences and will allow our flexlit module to turn into any radius shapes. We then wrap an image around the flexlit and creat an eye-catching display that allows the viewer to see the images at 360 degree viewing angle.

Luna sciences is a single point of contact. As a result, your LED display, printing, and delivery can all be handled with us without the need to shop around for printers. We offer you the best price as though it was your own print shop.

We made 20 different standard sizes, while offering complete custom size to fit your need.

When dealing with large format images, Luna Sciences can offer seamless displays up to 144"x 144" x2. We utilize high brightness LEDs are super efficient and consume minimal power to provide up 60% saving when lit up.


We use multi coated Aluminum Anodized Frames that last a long time and do not loose their luster.  They are strong in construction and can hold up frames up to 8’x8’.  For larger frames, we will provide a quote on a case by case basis. 

Our Aluminum Anodized Frames are available in 2.5” depth in Black Matter, Silver, and Silver/Gold. 


Custom Framing : Luna Sciences has extensive framing capabilities.  We can provide you a range of custom made wood and or metal frames that will coordinate with your art work.  For additional information, please contact us at:  (888) 505-LUNA.